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Pablo Galdo, President

Pablo Galdo

Pablo Galdo is considered as one of the most renowned Spanish pianists and most outstanding of his generation. Some of the world's greatest pianists and masters have been unanimous in highlighting his talent and musicianship. Hungarian pianist Tamas Vasary, one of the most renowned pianists of XX’s century, said about him: After listening to Pablo Galdo’s recording, I inmediatly invited him to play with me a 4 hands recital. This gives an idea of what I think about him as a musician and complete pianist”

He studied at the “Vigo Superior Conservatoire” with Nicasio Gradaille, where he graduated with special distinction and extraordinary prize, at the “University de Alcalá de Henares” with FerencRados, at the “ZoltánKodály Institute” with Orsolya Szabo, at the “Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest” with AndrásKemenes, at the “Mozarteum University in Salzburg”, where he obtained his Postgraduate Diplom with ImreRohmann, and at the “Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow” (Russia) with ElissoVirsaladze.

Besides he has received classes and advices from many renowned and prestigious international masters, including Alicia de Larrocha, Zoltán Kocsis ,Tamás Vasáry, Lilya Zilberstein, Stephen Kovacevich, Dimitri Bashkirov, Várjon Dénes, Heinz Kämmerling, Imre Rohmann, Marta Gulyás, Haewon Song, and Almudena Cano, among others.

Awarded with grants from the “Hungarian Ministry of Education”, the “Spanish Ministry of Education”, the “Spanish Agency of International Cooperation”, the “Caixa Galicia Foundation” and the “AIE Association”.

He has performed in more than 35 countries: France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Iceland, China, South Korea, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Oman, Kuwait, Italy, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Lebanon, Republic of Iran, Lithuania, Turkey, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the United States. He has performed with different orchestras in Spain, Hungary and Austria, and he has been finalist and awarded in various piano competitions.

He has represented Spain abroad on numerous occasions, being invited to inaugurate the "Aula Cervantes Reykjavik", performing for the President of Iceland, performing within the "Spanish Language Week" in Slovenia, to celebrate the National Day of Spain in Hungary, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Spain and Kazakhstan, and to celebrate de 40th anniversary of the restarting relations between Russia and Spain.

He has played 4 hands and 2 pianos with top pianists as Zoltán Kocsis, Stephen kovacevich, Lilya Zilberstein, Imre Rohmann, or Andras kemenes, and with cellist Asier Polo or violist Rocio Gomez, among others.

Also he was selected to participate in young performers concert cycles and festivals such as ¨Jeneusses Musicales" (97.98), "Teresa Berganza Association"(99), "Young talents of Budapest in the Buda Castle” (01) “Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation" (04) and the "Juan March Foundation" (07).

He has currently recorded a DVD, produced by IRIS, of works by Albéniz, Liszt and Rachmaninoff, a CD produced by MANS with works of Bach, Chopin and Liszt, and other CD produced by the same discography with works of Albéniz. He has also recorded for the Spanish Television, Galician Television and Hungarian Radio. The composer Saúl Chapela has dedicated to him his piano work “22 variations on two cells”.

Pablo Galdo has given master classes at the “Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moskow” , at the “Frederick Chopin University” in Warsaw, at the “Tbilisi state Conservatory”, at “Baku academy of music”, at the “Academy of Arts of Iceland”, at the “Istanbul State Conservatory”, at the “Baremboim-Said Foundation” in Palestine, at the the “National Conservatory of Jordan”, the “National Conservatory of Lebanon”, at the “Verona Conservatory of music”, at the “Academy of Music and Theater of Vilnius” (Lithuania), at the “National Music Academy of Estonia", in the "National University of Kazakhstan", at the "Superior School of Music of Neuquén" (Argentine) , at the “Kuwait School of Music”, and in different Music Institutions across Spain.

He has been invited , since 2013, to teach master classes at the International Music Academy “Forum Musikae” in Madrid. He is the new artistic director, since January 2016, of the Galitian Classical music Association. He is also founder, artistic director and jury member of international piano competition “City of Vigo”, and recently he was awarded with the “Gregorio Baudot prize” to his artistic career, and with the silver medal at the Global music awards.

He currently combines his concert activity with his position as piano professor at the “Vigo Superior Conservatory of Music” (Galicia, Spain) and at the "Alfonso X the Wise University" of Madrid.

International Piano Competition "City of Vigo"

The Galician Classical Music Association (AMCG) organizes the I International Piano Competition "City of Vigo".

Take place in:

Rúa de Manuel Olivié, 23, 36203 Vigo, Pontevedra

+34 651 109 095